Having been around since 1985, hopewell was born out of a sheer passion for high quality products that are rich in detail. We started off by making functional and quality-centric electronic goods that are built to last for everyday life. Having an eye for design, and fervently pursuing for aesthetic, we have gradually evolved as a lifestyle electronics brand, and are known for our good design and well-made products today. Quality has always been our core since day one. Detail, design and craftsmanship are what we always hold on to. We strive for unmatched quality by using the finest materials only, and are thorough down to the last detail to deliver thoughtful products and user experience. Good design is timeless. We aspire to craft sleek electronics that are adequately exquisite to leave out on display for a long time. Our goal is to turn electronics into part of the lifestyle, and make living with them a simple pleasure. We fancy to add a touch of class to your living space, simply because we are users too, and we care as much as you do. We know every little thing counts, so we always sweat the details to make a difference.




"Electronic goods shouldn't be just boring machines that are solely functional.
They should also showcase one's personal taste and style, and as well prettify our living space.
We've seen enough of flimsy goods on the market, so we really care to make something truly different for you."










Source only the finest materials. Make only exceptional quality electronics that last. To us, quality is almost everything. 





Jazz your living space up with understated elegance and quiet beauty. We design timeless pieces to please and last.






What sets us apart? Hands down, obsession with detail. We always go the extra mile to handle every detail, to make a difference.